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Bhaderwah Tourism Festival fails to attract any Tourists

Bhaderwah October 24 : The Bhadarwah Tourism Festival that was
started in 2006 to promote Adventure and Landscape Tourism and later
to attract pilgrims to Bhadarwah is fast loosing its sheen on both

With change in Govt and Administrative setup in tourism Deptt and
Bhadarwah Development Authority(BDA), both motive and purpose of the
Carnival keep changing and even now when its basic purposes are not
being fulfilled, the Carnival was celebrated without any aim.

''No Tourist came to watch Bhadarwah Tourism Festival. Lakhs of
rupees were spent uselessly, '' alleges owner of Eco-Tourist Resort Jai
Imtiaz-ur-Rehman Jaggu, who claims that the organizers of the Festival
have completely destoyed its motive and purpose of giving employment
and maximum benefit to the locals.

''On one hand Mufti Sayeed in his inaugural address said that
Bhadarwahi cuisine is one of the best he has ever tasted and on the
other hand all the food used during Festival was brought from outside
Bhadarwah which left local Hoteliers and Restraunt Owners in a state
of shock as they were hoping some bussiness during Festival
days, ''Jaggu said adding that if locals affiliated with Tourism don't
get any benifit then i wonder for whom the Festival was held.

9th Bhadarwah Touism cum Cultural Festival was celebrated during
Mohram and Navratra on October 22 and 23 which is considered
unproductive season for Tourism as not only the harsh winters are
settling in but also annual exams of the students are round the

Hoteliers said hotel accupancy during Festival days was below 15%
and Guest Houses hardly recieved any Guests during these days.

''If Carnival has failed to attract Tourists why is it being
celebrated by wasting lakhs of public money. The Festival was started
to promote Tourism and local culture, surprisingly, local culture and
local artists have now been completely excluded from the event despite
having local talent in abundance coupled with unique and mesmerising
Nag culture, '' alleges a Local social worker and Poet Tanveer Ahmed

In its endure to promote Tourism, The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism
Deptt seems busy in spending huge sums in flop shows like this, said a
social worker Mohd Ashraf Goni.

''The whole state despite facing financial crunch with public
exchequer lying empty , department has spent huge sums on the
publicity and other expenses of the unsuccessfull event, '' said Goni
adding that the financial crises reached to a level that even
employees are not getting their salries, still these flop shows are

The department has also hired a Bollywood singer Kamal Khan to
attract the crowd, which also failed to impress even the local

''We were eager to see the performence of Kamal Khan but it was
disheartening to see that instead of entertaining the common audience
and fans he remained busy in pleasing the organizers and VIP's by
possing for selfies with them and their families all the time during
his stage performence, ''alleged Tanveer Ahmed Dev.

Sources added that proposals for events like this are passed
hurriedly to benifit a section of people, who claim as the promoters of
Tourism in Bhadarwah.

''Proposals are neither invited nor checked properly, perhaps
with an intention to give benifit to a particular firm, '' sources said
adding because a good percentage of commission goes to some officials
of the Department.

The Tourism Deptt and BDA has earlier done successfull cultural
and artistic events with local folk artists and singers but they were
discouraged by the department by not releasing their payments, ''said
a famous local Folk Artist Milkhy Ram Mastana adding that none of the
approved local artist were invited despite they themselves offered to
perform for the event.

When asked, Cheif Executive Officer BDA Bal Krishan refuse to
answer the queries on the pretext of being busy.

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Markandey Katju
Hanging of Yakub Memon
I had raised my voice against hanging of Yakub Memon
Some people thought I am defending terrorism. That is not so. Those who committed the Mumbai bomb blasts and other such dastardly crimes should certainly be hanged. My point, however is : have the real culprits been correctly identified and punished ?
The truth in India is that our police is not trained in scientific investigation, nor does it have the scientific equipment for doing so. So it usually... cannot catch the real culprits.
Criminal investigation is a science. If one reads the stories of Sherlock Holmes one sees how Holmes investigates a crime scientifically. He goes to the spot, studies the finger prints, ashes, blood stains, etc and then solves the crime. Similarly, if one sees on Discovery the Amercan police solves a crime, by going to the spot and gathering the material like finger prints, blood stains, fibres, etc, and then taking this material to a laboratory where analysis of this material is done with scientific methods e.g. D.N.A. tests, feeding the fingerprints into a national computer network, etc and in this way it can often trace out the real criminal. Often from a single fibre ( of a coat or other dress ) found on the spot or in a car it can identify the real culprit.
In India, however, the police is neither trained in scientific investigation, nor does it have the equipment for going so, and yet it is under pressure to solve the crime. So what does it do in bomb blast or other terrorist acts ? It catches half a dozen persons, often of the minority community ( for Muslims have been demonized as terrorists having nothing to do but throw bombs ), and then fabricates evidence against them. Usually this evidence is ' confessions ' and some ' recoveries ', and this is often accepted by some of our populist judges who want to show they are tough on terror and want to send a message against it. This is what seems to have been done done in the cases of Yakub Memon, Afzal Guru, etc. I have read the judgments of the Courts in these cases carefully and they are based on confessions and recoveries..
Everyone knows how such ' confessions ' are obtained in our country-- by torture. And torture is such a terrible thing that one will confess to everything under torture. Joan of Arc confessed to be a witch under torture. And as regards so called ' recoveries ', usually they are planted by the police.
In this way everybody is happy. The police get off the pressure, and the public is satisfied that the perpetrators have been punished. But is this the way to solve a crime ? The real perpetrators are rarely caught. That is my point.
What have you been up to?

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[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]

INTRODUCTION: At the end of sixth century AD, humanity had lost all the guidance that came from its Creator and Sustainer as how to live, act and behave on earth. There were no human rights anywhere in the world. Under the domination of both the superpowers of the time, the Roman and the Persian Empires, only the ruling class was enjoying all rights and privileges. The common man has no rights worth its name and was treated as serfdom. Women folk were treated in Christianity something as “untouchables” and under the fold of Hindu paganism, they had no right to live after the death of husband. They were to die with them alive due to age old prevalent custom of “sati”. Europe was grappling under its dark ages and America was not known at all to the civilized world of the time. Humanity was, thus, passing through dark pages of its history; its fate was lying in obscurity and apparently had no hopes in its “destiny”.
The Christian priests, saints and hermits of the time all were all in waiting for the coming of a Messenger from a land in the desert covered with date trees as prophesies in Bible foretold. Only the City of Madinah in the heart of Arabian Peninsula fulfilled that criterion. They had established numerous monasteries at the northern arch of Arabian Peninsula. The monastery of Ba'hirah Rahib was one of them. The blind Professor Taha Yaseen of Egypt has given a vivid description of these monasteries in his book of Seerah of Rasulullah (S) and has shown that how eagerly Judeo-Christian world was waiting for the new Messenger of Allah. The detail account given by Prophet’s beloved companion Salman Farsi (RA) of his reaching to Madinah in search of the Messenger as directed by Christian priests confirm the quest and long waiting of Judeo- Christian world.

Unfortunately, at the end of 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, the humanity is experiencing as a whole more or less the similar situation as that of 6th century but in a different perspective. In 6th century, the causes of concern and waiting were genuine as all the previous guidance from God were either lost, or mutilated through human innovations and manipulations along with the life pattern of the previous Messengers too except with some scanty account that could not lead and deliver to human society a system and a model of their life-pattern to live with. In the context of the present world, the Guidance from the Creator and Sustainer is available intact in its original form along with the life-pattern of the Messenger, the guide, the model as how to live, act and behave in the world in its minutest details. It is just the self-denial attitude of Judeo-Christian-Pagan world that is blind to its existence in its totality. It is due to age old prejudices, historical animosity and ignorance of an unprecedented nature; it is being ignored one way or the other.

Their blindness is by their free-choice and not by accident or any natural mishap. It can be termed as “day-light-blindness”. They are in disparate need of a system for getting justice, peace, security and an ideal model to lead a balanced and an organized life in their personal, family and society at individual, national and international levels. They are making blind rough shots here and there, grappling in darkness but having no semblance of light either in their vision, approach, programming or projections. They are seeing everything from the ken of mortal eyes and do not seek the urgent need for Divine Guidance to solve their age old thorny problems and do not seek the life-pattern that the Messengers had set in its minutest details for human beings to follow. That is why man has failed in all its programming, projections and man-made systems whether it was Feudalism, Monarchy, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and secular Democracy or military dictatorship. All have multiplied human problems and provided only some band-aid-treatment or some namesake temporary respite only. Problems are gradually heaping and pilling up in Himalayan size.

In sequence, humanity has lost all its hopes. The forthcoming era of Globalization, World Trade and forming of different Group Markets on the pattern of EUC are bound to fail as their objective is to exploit the human needs and meager resources of under-developed and developing countries around the world to add a few degrees to the standard of living of the developed countries at he cost of increasing the poverty level in the poor countries higher and higher. By denying the existing Divine Guidance and the role of the Messenger of time, humanity cannot survive anymore. It has no choice but to turn its face to follow the life-pattern of Muhammad Ibne Abdullah (S) of Macca with all hopes and expectations and it would get it there. Let us see what hopes the life of the Messenger of the time, Prophet Muhammad (S) has in store for the suffering humanity that all the secular isms could not deliver at all.

THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS BUIILDING THE FATE OF HUMANITY: After his appointment as the Messenger of God in the cave of Hera in 572 AD, Prophet Muhammad (S) concentrated, on individuals, the epic center of all troubles and corruptions on earth. He (S) rightly concluded that if individuals are corrected, reformed and their character is re-build on the basis of fear of God and Accountability in Akhirah, society as a whole can be reconstituted afresh on balanced moral grounds. As such:

* He (S) cemented the relations of each individual with his/her Creator and Sustainer;

* Every individual is a trustee of what Allah has given him and not master or owner;

* Everyone is accountable to his or her Creator and Sustainer for all his/her actions and deeds on earth in Akhirah;

* He (S) presented his life as ideal for all individuals to follow in every walk of life till


Rasulullah (S) made every effort in remodeling their respective individual character on these principles and made them the most trustworthy people of the time. This was his (S) team of workers that he first built and they were the instruments in changing the society altogether on the concept of Tawhid [Monotheism], Amanah (Trust), Akhirah [the Concept of Accountability on the Last day of Judgment] and his Prophethood. He (S) purified individual’s character and motivated them to carry out the mission of Islam to the four corners of the world. His (S) Kalimah: La Ilaha Ilallah, Muhammadun Rasulullah was, in fact, was and is the most revolutionary political slogan and a motivating force that kept his (S) followers always active, motivated and involved in the service of mankind: to be good to others, in removing the evils [the Munkar] from the society and establishing the Ma’roof [the Permissible] all around. This benevolent character that he (S) created amongst his (S) followers was by serving himself as its model in every walk of life. He (S), thus, transformed the Arab society of Jahiliyah [ignorance] in to a benevolent and God-Conscious society all around in his (S) life time within a limited period of 23 years. This is his (S) prescribed, well-practiced and trusted model for mankind to follow till eternity. If humanity wants today to remove corruption, favoritism, nepotism, the Corporate greed and discrimination in all its forms and shape from its ranks and files, this is the only way now left for mankind to accept and follow - the only hope to get justice, peace and a balanced harmonious growth in the world.G Khizra1


* Prophet Mohammad (S) was very kind, compassionate, merciful and full of concern for the believers in Allah;

* He (S) was at the highest order of morality;

* His (S) morals were the embodiment of the Qur’an [Hadith]. In fact, he (S)

the walking Qur'an;

* Rasulullah (S) confirmed in practice and advocacy: “I have been appointed to perfect

the morality”. [Hadith]

* Mohammad (S) was the Messenger for entire mankind till eternity. The Jews and the Christians have no choice but to accept him (S) as their Prophet too as the Qur'an constitutes all the truthful Teachings of the Torah and the Bible and the Islam is what was presented by Prophet Abraham (SA)- the Patriarch of the Jews and the Christians.

* Arabs acknowledged him (S) unanimously and used to call him Al-Sadiq & Al-Ameen [the Truthful and the Trustworthy];

* He (S)” never spoke out of his own desire and that what he conveyed to you was but the Divine] inspiration with which he was being inspired” [Q. Al-Najm: 3-4]

* He (S) said, “Ana Afsahul Arab” [I am the most eloquent person amongst the


* He (S) was an Extraordinary advocate and promoter of “Ilm” [knowledge] in the society: “Talabul Ilme farizatun ala kulley Muslim” [Acquiring knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim [and Muslimah] – Hadith –Ibne Ma’ja];

* He (S) was the most ideal and perfect Da’ee Ilallah [Calling humanity to the fold of

the Creator and Sustainer] for all times to come:

* He (S) declared the first Charter of Human Rights in 631 AD from the Mount of Arafat when he (S) performed his (S) first and the last Hajj.

* He (S) was the most ardent advocate of human rights, wage-earners rights, very benevolent to slaves, care taker of the way fairers, the oppressed, the orphans and the rights of women;

* He (S) established the concept of equality amongst human beings, eradicated all kinds of discrimination on account of color, race, wealth, language and geographical boundaries. He made Bilal bin Ribah (RA), a Negro from Eretria, the Moazzin of his Mosque in Madinah and his personal exchequer;

* He (S) was an affectionate father, a dutiful and loveable husband, an ideal neighbor, a trustworthy and honest trader, an efficient administrator, a foresighted statesman and a brilliant general. In short he (S) was the most accomplished human being. Whoso ever came in contact with him (S) adored him, including his adversaries. He (S) is the most perfect ideal in every walk of life for any individual and society to follow as model, the only hope of mankind to deliver Khair [good] and justice to all who resolves to follow him and his teachings.

BUILDING A MODEL HUMAN SOCIETY - Rasulullah (S) first built his (S) team of workers on the lines stated above. We call them Sahabah [His beloved Companions] out of reverence. He (S) built it through "Person to Person Contacts" who in turn became the king pins of the Islamic society that he (S) established in Arabian Peninsula based on the principles of equality, justice and complete social security for the poor, the needy, the destitute, the underfed, the unemployed, the incapacitated and the way fairers – the have-nots, through a well-established social-welfare system of Islam that advocated: “Collect from your affluent and return it back to your poor and the needy” [Hadith}

Mohammad (S) built a society in which justice was free, education was obligatory and free for all. It was free of corruption and favoritism. Rate of crime was extremely low to the extent that often jails were found empty. Situation of law and order was so perfect that an old lady could travel from Sana’a to Hazarmaut, a distance of about 1, 000 miles with gold in her hands and she had no fear except that of Allah. Adi bin Hatim (RA) confirmed it by his own observation.

CONCLUSION: The forgoing proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the life pattern that Prophet Mohammad (S) demonstrated to the world the system of life that he (S) delivered to mankind is now the only hope of mankind to get justice, peace and security on earth. The more its adoption is delayed, the more it is drifting away from its cherished goal to attain perfection in transforming the abode of man into the cradle of peace and free of exploitation; where both the affluent and the poor will feel contented in their respective field and where the opportunity of progress will be available to all and sundry without any prejudice as a right of all human beings. Humanity can attain this goal only when it would accept the leadership of Prophet Muhammad (S) as the only hope of its survival and delivering good to its specie.

However, it would be possible only when the Muslim Ummah establishes Islam as a political entity some where in its midst and sets a model for humanity to follow. If the Ummah does it, the world would rush to it and accept it like a hot cake, Insha Allah. Will the Muslim Community and its leadership accept it as the most important challenge of time and replenish the ‘skeleton” cheeks of humanity with new hopes and blood.

It must be clarified here that whosoever takes Mohammad (S) as his or her model he/she will taste the benefit and bounties of his (S) life pattern as envisaged above. That society will reap the harvest of its blessings as he was the Prophet for the entire mankind. If the Muslim do not come forward, they will be the losers and the world will get its benedictions as Islam and the Qur'an are not for Muslims alone but for the entire human society.

Shamim Siddiqi
July 4, 2015

   Over a month ago

Assets Comparison of Re-Contesting MLAs in the Maharashtra 2014 Assembly Elections

Summary of asset comparison of re-contesting MLAs

Association of Democratic
Reforms and Maharashtra Election Watch have analyzed the asset declarations of 216 re-contesting MLAs (i.e. winners of the 2009 Maharashtra Assembly elections who are contesting again in 2014). The report attached analyzes their increase/decrease in self-declared assets in the past 5 years.

Detailed report in English is attached with this mail


The average assets of these 216 re-contesting MLAs in 2009 was Rs. 4.97 crores

Ø The average assets of re-contesting MLAs as declared in their affidavits in 2014 is Rs. 13.15 crores

Ø The average asset growth of re-contesting MLAs is Rs. 8.17 crores

Ø The percentage average asset growth of re-contesting MLAs is 164%

Inline image 2

Ø Highest Increase in Assets: Mangal Prabhat Lodha of BJP from Malabar Hill constituency has declared maximum increase in total assets with an increase of Rs 129.97 crores i.e from Rs. 68.64 crores in 2009 to Rs. 198.61 crores in 2014. Total assets of Suresh Kumar Bhikamchand Jain, Shiv Sena candidate from Jalgaon city constituency have increased by Rs 100 crores, from Rs 82.82 crores in 2009 to Rs 182.84 crores in 2014 followed by Ramesh Sing Ramnarayan Thakur of INC from Kandivali East constituency whose total assets have risen by Rs. 59.40 crores, from Rs 22.22 crores in 2009 to Rs 81.63 crores in 2014
(detailed list attached)

· Party-wise asset comparison of re-contesting MLAs: 62 re-contesting MLAs of INC have shown a percentage increase in average assets of 184%, 51 NCP MLAs with 176% increase in average assets, 44 BJP MLAs with 198% average asset increase, 36 MLAs from Shiv Sena with asset increase of 172%, 8 MLAs from MNS with 294% asset increase and 8 Independent MLAs have shown a percentage increase in average assets of 74%.

Inline image 4


Average asset increase for Re-contesting MLAs in Maharashtra 2014 Assembly Elections


Party in Maharashtra Election 2014

Total Number of MLAs

Average Assets in 2014


Average Assets in 2009


Average Asset Increase


% Increase in Asset




12, 54, 99, 824
12 Crore+

4, 42, 27, 044
4 Crore+

8, 12, 72, 780
8 Crore+





10, 74, 09, 684
10 Crore+

3, 88, 92, 826
3 Crore+

6, 85, 16, 858
6 Crore+





14, 66, 98, 664
14 Crore+

4, 92, 96, 301
4 Crore+

9, 74, 02, 363
9 Crore+





12, 22, 18, 702
12 Crore+

4, 49, 91, 198
4 Crore+

7, 72, 27, 504
7 Crore+





13, 75, 14, 743
13 Crore+

3, 49, 26, 803
3 Crore+

10, 25, 87, 940
10 Crore+



Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangha


3, 90, 07, 806
3 Crore+

72, 37, 974
72 Lacs+

3, 17, 69, 832
3 Crore+



Peasants And Workers Party of India


29, 63, 48, 167
29 Crore+

6, 63, 47, 229
6 Crore+

23, 00, 00, 938
23 Crore+



Bahujan Vikas Aaghadi


8, 43, 35, 096
8 Crore+

4, 03, 40, 464
4 Crore+

4, 39, 94, 632
4 Crore+





1, 56, 11, 10, 964
156 Crore+

1, 26, 88, 01, 276
126 Crore+

29, 23, 09, 688
29 Crore+





9, 97, 16, 068
9 Crore+

5, 72, 92, 950
5 Crore+

4, 24, 23, 118
4 Crore+




13, 15, 36, 282
13 Crore+

4, 97, 62, 693
4 Crore+

8, 17, 73, 588
8 Crore+



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